Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund

Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund

Kanna Lux is an Opportunity Fund that invests in Opportunity Zones all over the United States. While this fund is the first of its kind and will develop predominantly in the U.S.V.I. and surrounding islands, the fund will also focus on legal and medical cannabis states and territories. The Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund will create jobs and industry, providing a bridge to better living, infrastructure, and commerce. Kanna Lux has operational agreements and contracts with consultants currently living in these prime investment locations.

We are ready to invest in waterfront and ocean view properties. Watch our video to learn more about Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund and the Investing in Opportunity Act.

Kanna Lux offers deluxe returns on investments through the infusion legal cannabis investments in Opportunity Zones.  By investing in cannabis startups and companies that produce, grow, and dispense cannabis products or provide ancillary services or products where cannabis is legal investors will see the highest gains seen in Opportunity Funds.

Opportunity funds from Kanna Lux will also investing be invested in integrated medicine,, food deserts that create the opportunity for more food oases, and also sustainable solutions that help keep the neighborhood green and clean.