Our journey started back in the pre-technological boom and trust of the internet.

Now here we stand. In a new era where the internet provides us with more than we can ever live without. And here this opportunity is presented, one that may only come if preparation has been laid on days before.


The time has come and the marathon has begun. The goals have been set and we are on our mark to change the world around us through integrated social and highly social investments. Tax goals are realized and dreams are able to see the light of day through the delivery of increased returns, incentivized through the ability to cancel tax on capital gains in perpetuity.

The Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund allows investors to become philanthropic angel investors and promotes economic growth in underserved areas causing the symptoms of low income to fade, and in turn investors and local stake holders see returns on investment and potential tax benefits. 

The potential tax benefits include:

1). Tax deferral through 2026 for capital gain invested.

2). Elimination of up to 15% of the deferred capital gain.

3). Potential elimination of tax on new capital gains achieved during the holding period.

Investors that wish to change the world around them by investing in one community, street, and multi family living opportunity investment at a time are stepping in time with the people who have the tools to do it. Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund is investing in these very communities and with the sole purpose of changing the world, through technology, education, and investments in  underserved communities we are bringing electricity to light bulbs and larger cannabis infused gains to philanthropic investors.


The 2017 Tax Reform and Reconciliation Act

and its creation of the Investing in Opportunity Act is the perfect vehicle to create more opportunity zone/ low income area based investment vehicles. The Kanna Lux Opportunity fund is special because it provides the an outlet for investors to invest in areas that cannabis is not only socially acceptable but also a part of the economy. This means that we are in a current growing boom of the cannabis industry that will effect gains for years and decades to come as we are only now seeing hte tip of the ice berg of what cannabis and hemp and be medically and architecturally in our world. 

The Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund creates a dare to care model that allows people who once were anti cannabis to invest in a model that has it integrated into the financial planning model along with technology, science, agriculture, education, multi family living, and multi use centers. The investment in these up and coming areas has seen vast gains as more people move back to the cities, integrating neighborhoods, and bringing in new industry. Now the Opportunity Fund is allowing all team players to be involved through the local exchanges made by the Investing in Opportunity Act. Invest with us today and begin tax deferment as you create good on the way to complete tax cancelation.

The Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund and its group of trusted members hold respectful rank in society and have held that rank by creating the best results, through a devotion to the common man and work ethic.  We will strive to be the most successful opportunity fund investing in the marketable, the passionate, and the invested. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. We appreciate your investment in yourself and the community you are considering by viewing this and information pertaining to opportunity funding. 


The Kanna Lux Opportunity Fund